Our Story


Fallon Place is a small winery based in San Francisco sourcing grapes from nearby small sustainably farmed vineyards. Fallon Place was named for the stairway in San Francisco where Cory Michal the proprietor & winemaker originally started producing wines in the garagiste fashion with some friends while he attended the UC Davis viticulture and enology program.

In the Vineyard

We select small sustainably farmed vineyards that have a natural balance between vine, rootstock and terroir that results in low fruit yields and intense flavors presenting us with the opportunity to create amazing wines.

In the Winery

We produce small lot single vineyard designate wines with a focus on quality. We use minimal intervention during the winemaking process with the objective of producing wines representative of the soil, microclimate, and uniqueness of the terroir. We utilize natural fermentations, ML and gravity fed winemaking operations whenever possible to preserve the integrity and subtle characteristics of the terroir of the vineyard.